15 February 2005


After going through all of the following hassle, I thought a cheap(er) source of the Sunon GC054006VH-8 might prove useful information to someone.

The fan in my Acer 351TE laptop (manufacture date 21 February 2001) recently started making very nasty noises – again. I had the fan replaced about two years ago by ICR, the Acer accredited repairers in the UK. The cost was not cheap – the joys of company expenses :-)

This time round it was going to be me paying, so a plan B was required.

I searched Google for a replacement without much success until I found an Acer service manual CD for sale on eBay. GBP6 later and I had a copy of tm350ug.pdf (22.8MB) with illustrated disassembly instructions. Turns out the document was already on the web at the location I've linked to....

It also includes a FRU (Field Replaceable Unit) listing which included the Heatsink/Fan assembly. Now I was getting somewhere – I needed a 60.45H16.001.

Another fruitless week on Google and eBay turned up very little until I had a brainwave – maybe ICR sell spares as well as do repairs?

Well, it turns out ICR became ERS – Electronic Repair Solutions Limited. A quick call to them on 0870 607 1215 [+44 870 607 1215 if you’re outside the UK] and a amazingly helpful and efficient employee told me the 60.45H16.001 had been superseded by the 60.45H29.011 and I could buy one for the bargain price of GBP9.09 plus GBP7 shipping (to the UK).

It arrived by courier 2 hours ago and 23 screws, 2 ribbons and 4 connectors later and with not a small amount of trepidation, I’ve just turned my laptop back on and it works :)

Anyway, the point of this story is the 60.45H29.011 contains an easily removable GC054006VH-8 and GBP16 delivered appears to be quite a bit cheaper than the other three sources I’ve found on the ‘net.

Hope this helps someone – if you want, you can contact me via acer @ my domain name