Forum Tipster Competition
Day 4
1.30pm odds 2.10pm odds 2.50pm odds 3.30pm odds 4.10pm odds 4.50pm odds 5.30pm odds Total
Winner Ivanovich Gorbatov 9/2 4.50 Superb Story 8/1 8.00 uknowwhatimeanharry 11/1 11.00 Don Cossack 9/4 2.25 On The Fringe 13/8 1.63 Ibis Du Rheu 14/1 14.00 Solar Impulse 28/1 28.00
2nd Apple's Jade 12/1 12.00 Fethard Player 33/1 33.00 Fagan 33/1 20.00 Djakaddam 9/2 4.50 Marito 14/1 14.00 Flying Angel 8/1 8.00 Dandridge  8/1 8.00
3rd Footpad 5/1 5.00 Sternrubin 33/1 Champers On Ice 20/1 20.00 Don Poli 9/2 4.50 Paint The Clouds 9/2 4.50 Sky Khan 50/1 50.00 Rock The World 9/2 4.50
4th Wait For Me 7/1 7.00 Tully East 50/1 50.00 Savello 25/1 25.00
Longines Zubayr Zamdy Man ew West Approach ew Smad Place ew Twirling Magnet ew Zulu Oscar ew Workbench ew
TiredEyes Sceau Royal Starchitect Barters Hill Cue Card Paint The Clouds Squauateur Workbench
Gothman Sceau Royal ew Wait For Me ew 13.75 Barters Hill Cue Card On The Fringe 26.25 Mr Mix ew Rock The World ew 10.63 50.63
tonytats Footpad Great Field uknowwhatimeanharry 120.00 Smad Place Mr Mercurial Jet Stream Jack Rock The World 120.00
Marky147 Leoncavallo Blue Hell Up For Review Don Cossack 32.50 It Came To Pass Westend Star Ravens Tower 32.50
Scooby666 Footpad ew 11.25 Dicosimo ew uknowwhatimeanharry ew 78.75 Don Poli ew 10.63 Paint The Clouds ew 10.63 Childrens List ew Eastlake ew 111.25
Shadowplay9 Leoncavallo Bachasson Deviment ew Don Cossack Childrens List Lough Kent
patch Leoncavallo Dicosimo Bachasson Cue Card Paint The Clouds Qualando Red Spinner
villan66 Zubayr Great Field Barters Hill Don Poli Marito ew 22.50 Nabucco ew Rock The World  ew 22.50
tankbuster1 Leoncavallo ew Mad Jack Mytton ew Shantou Village ew Don Poli ew 10.63 Paint The Clouds ew 10.63 Westend Star ew Sizing Codelo ew 21.25
chithole Zubayr Superb Story 90.00 Gangster Smad Place Paint The Clouds Childrens List Ravens Tower 90.00
BBMONEY Ivanovich Gorbatov 55.00 Great Field Shantou Village Djakaddam On The Fringe 26.25 Flying Angel Rock The World 81.25
plum12 Footpad Starchitect ew Longdog Djakaddam Paint The Clouds Westmead Star ew Dandridge  ew 15.00 15.00
billy007 Leoncavallo Mad Jack Mytton Open Eagle Smad Place Current Event Jetstream Jack Sizing Codelo
EMMERSON Footpad Wait For Me ew 13.75 Barters Hill Don Cossack 32.50 On The Fringe 26.25 Laurium ew Pearls Legend ew 72.50
169219 Leoncavallo Starchitect Longdog Djakaddam Marito Childrens List Bright New Dawn
Beermoney Zubayr ew Superb Story ew 60.00 Shantou Village ew Cue Card ew Paint The Clouds ew 10.63 Qualando ew Next Sensation ew 70.63
Nilsatisopt Footpad Blue Bell Barters Hill Smad Place Aupcharlie Nabucco ew Sizing Codelo
slimshady Sceau Royal ew Wait For Me ew 13.75 Champers On Ice ew 30.00 Carlingford Lough ew Mendip Express ew Label Des Obeux ew Bold Henry ew 43.75
Rivher Zubayr
Pete2504 Zubayr Great Field Long Dog Don Poli It Came To Pass Nabucco Lough Kent